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Banel et Adama s’aiment. Ils vivent dans un village éloigné au Nord du Sénégal. Du monde, ils ne connaissent que ça, en dehors, rien n’existe. Mais l’amour absolu qui les unit va se heurter aux conventions de la communauté. Car là où ils vivent, il n’y a pas de place pour les passions, et encore moins pour le chaos.


Banel and Adama are fiercely in love. The young couple lives in a remote village in northern Senegal. For them, nothing else exists except each other. But for the rest of their tight-knit village, duty dictates that Adama soon accept the role of chief. The two lovers have other plans… until something in the air changes. The rains do not come; the cattle begin to die; the men leave. A rare debut feature that premiered in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, and Senegal's official submission to the Academy Awards®, Ramata-Toulaye Sy’s Banel & Adama is a lush and lyrical fable that soars to the heights of longing and descends deep into the realm of myth, sending its protagonists' idyllic love on a collision course with their community’s customs. Because in this world, there is no room for passion, let alone chaos.

Date de sortie:


V.O. avec sous-titres anglais

Genre :
Durée :
Réalisation :




Ramata-Toulaye Sy

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Interprètes :

Khady Mane, Mamadou Diallo, Binta Racine Sy, Moussa Sow, Ndiabel Diallo

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