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Our mission

A hub for fans of art films Cinéma du Parc stands out thanks to the bold programming it presents on the big screen.

As a social economy company, Cinéma du Parc makes sure to select the best internati
onal films, bringing its favourite discoveries to its bilingual community of cinephiles from the Greater Montreal region.

Cinema du Parc

Our story​

Built in 1976 under the name of Cinéma La Cité, Cinéma du Parc bore many successive names and identities over the years. It was the first cinema complex with more than two screens in Montreal when it opened under the aegis of "Famous Players" and its existence is closely linked to the urban development of the Milton-Park district and the construction of the high-rise buildings that border the McGill University campus.

Taken over in 2006 by Roland Smith, programmer and former general manager of Cinéma Outremont, Cinéma du Parc counted on 40 years of experience for its revival. The gamble paid off : by organizing retrospectives, thematic cycles, festivals, national weeks and premieres, the cinema succeeded, and still succeeds, in reaching many Montreal filmgoers, both French and English-speaking, and also several cultural communities in the greater Montreal area.

Since March 2013, the general management of Cinéma du Parc has been entrusted to Mario Fortin, also general manager of Cinéma Beaubien, who has 40 years of experience in the film industry.

The new team proceeded, for example, to the installation of digital DCP projectors in two theatres, to the enlargement of the screens and to the renovation of the seats. The 35mm projectors have also been kept to ensure the projection of film prints during retrospectives or special events.

Cinéma du Parc, Beaubien and du Musée are administered by a non-profit organization that subscribes to the principles of the social economy. General management, administrative services (accounting, etc.), communications and other common services are provided by the same team.

Since October 2022, general management has been entrusted to Roxanne Sayegh. 

Our values​

COMPETENCE - This refers to our expertise in theatrical film screening. Our team is highly skilled, passionate and collaborative. The goal is to offer superior service and to satisfy every customer.

OPEN MINDEDNESS It is essential to be inclusive towards all. Respect, accessibility and being good listeners are key elements of this. We strive to understand the differences, ideas and limitations of others. It is also about being artistically curious and seeking out quality films.

ENGAGEMENT This encompasses our individual, social and environmental responsibilities. It is important to share what we have and what we know. We focus on social economy, educating young audiences, and developing lasting bonds with our community.

INTEGRITY We must be unflinching in our resolve to fulfil our mission. This is characterized by honesty, consistency and transparency. It implies a sense of duty and a desire to uphold our commitments, with our words and our actions.

Our board of directors

Patricia Hanigan.png

Patricia Hanigan

Jean François Lalonde.png

Jean Francois Lalonde

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Michel Lemay

Meriem Benammour.png

Meriem Benammour

Jean Caouette.png

Jean Caouette

Ziad Touma.png

Ziad Touma

Catherine Trudeau.png

Catherine Trudeau

Clothilde Jutras-Marion - website.png

Clotilde Jutras-Marion

Réjean Nguyen.png

Réjean Nguyen


Sherley Normandeau


Mario Mercier


Associations and partners

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